GirlsTech Innovate

In GirlsTech Innovate innovation and design drive solutions. Programs activities have an emphasis on innovation, the design process, problem solving, prototype & testing through a series of challenge projects.  Let’s be hands on innovators to design, prototype and create. Hands on STEM plus robotics, coding, CAD & digital projects and Design For Good. Tuesday – […]

GirlsTech Design

STEM & Design are natural partners. In GirlsTech Design we explore where design and technology intersect. Let’s try our hand at mini challenges in jewelry design, fashion design, wearable tech and digital graphic design. Did you know we can use CAD for clothing and pizza? We use what we learn to design and model with […]

GirlsTech Voices

Share your voice!  What interests you? Is it the environment, fashion, true crime, music, food? One of the most popular tools to share your voice and interests is a podcast. Podcasts popularity has exploded for teens as a screen free way to listen, learn, be entertained or relax. Let’s create your own podcast. Your vision […]

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