Live virtual STEM camps

The Algebra Problem; A Leak in the STEM Pipeline

What is the Algebra Problem? Mathematics has been called the language of STEM because students need a strong math foundation to succeed in STEM fields and to make sense of STEM related topics in their daily lives. According to a NYT article, The Algebra Problem “algebra functions as a crucial crossroads in the education system. […]

AI & Machine Learning for Kids Virtual

AI & Machine Learning is all around us. Intelligent devices can recognize faces or interact with speech and voice commands. Robots and autonomous vehicles are here to stay in the office and on the road. AI & Machine Learning can recommend products or the next movie and help doctors with diagnosis from their large stores […]

Pollution Solution Virtual

Let’s be eco scientists and discover, explore and experiment in the eco challenges that impact us locally and globally. Are we living green? We all use water, create trash, create waste and pollution. How about clean water? Whats is your water footprint and carbon footprint? Plastics in the ocean are so harmful to the environment, […]

Design For Good Virtual

Design with heart for social impact. In Design for Good girls will use problem solving and design thinking to be a catalyst for community projects that create positive social impact. Girls will develop in demand digital skills with Adobe plus skills in design thinking, technology, graphic design, usability, messaging and communication. We will learn Canva […]

Science of Cosmetics Virtual

A cosmetic chemist or cosmetic scientist designs, develops, formulates and tests skin care, personal care and color cosmetics for manufacturers and for us, the consumer. In addition to creating innovative new products, the Cosmetic Scientist uses science to tackle wider issues, such as the environmental impact, sustainability and Clean Cosmetics. Let’s explore the Beauty of Science in the world […]

Mad Scientists

Science is awesome! Science helps us to understand the world, explore new things, develop critical thinking skills, problem solving and collaboration. Scientific innovation is in the news and impacts us all from the devices we use, sports we play, our health, travel, entertainment and cool tech of the future. Let’s explore Science in the world […]

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