STEM Virtual Summer Camps for Girls

GameLab with Unity

In the GameLab with Unity we use the power and flexibility of Unity, a cross platform game engine for 2D and 3D games. Level up to learn mechanics, UI, game objects and components to create 2D or 3D environments, simulations and interactivity, and work with character controllers and levels to create first person and third […]

Virtual STEM & Science Fair (All Ages)

Hey aspiring scientists and innovators! Introducing our Virtual Science and STEM Fair! Each day kids will participate in fun, engaging, STEM based activities and experiments that investigate a variety of STEM topics using household items. Kids identify their science and STEM Fair project and are coached to complete the project and develop a short video […]


Let’s make video for youtube, Tik Tok or Instagram. Do you want to make a How To Video or Explainer video? How about a Vlog or PSA? Collaborate, work in teams to share your voice with video.

3D Jewelry Design

Calling all Jewelry Designers and handmade jewelry fanatics!  Don’t just make jewelry, learn the design concepts and how to design and 3D model your jewelry using CAD, Computer Aided Design. Take your creations to the next level with 3D jewelry design.

Build VR & AR in STEM

VR, Virtual Reality, AR, Augmented Reality and MR Mixed Reality are in demand careers skills. VR is said to be the next revolution in education. It is predicted that VR will have more impact than the smartphone. We can’t think of any STEM career field that will not be impacted by VR and AR. From […]


It’s been almost 20 years since people began living aboard the ISS or International Space Station. To date 239 people from 19 countries have visited the ISS. What’s more exciting, we had the first all women spacewalk. So what’s next? In the NASA Lab our mission is to explore living in space and invent, design, […]

Ingenuity Project

The Ingenuity Project is an entrepreneurial innovation program transforming ideas into action. Let’s be hands on innovators to design, prototype and create, apply Design Thinking tools and innovation techniques to inspire creative problem solvers to bring new possibilities to life. Girls will collaborate in Ingenuity Challenges and Design Slam activities to explore innovation technology in […]

Design Slam

The Design Slam is interactive, creative problem solving using design thinking and collaboration to develop design solutions to a series of challenges. The Virtual Design Slam gives students the opportunity to apply their design and technical skills to problems important to them with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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