Leadership Programs

How Will You Take the Lead?

Programs delivers programming direct to families and students. We also partner with organizations and schools to enhance programming and extend their reach to kids and teens.

STEM Leadership Programs are delivered by staff throughout the calendar year. They include Coding, Robotics, Virtual Reality, 3D Model & Print, Project Innovation, Human BioLab, Design Studio, NASA Lab and so much more. Hands on activities are driven by Design Thinking, the Big Idea, challenge projects, prototypes, testing and reinvention.

Summer STEM & STEAM Camps & Live Virtual Classes include new topics in Blockchain Cryptocurrency, AI Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Physical, Earth & Life Sciences, Digital Storytelling, Digital Arts, Innovation, Coding and Entrepreneurship.


GirlsTech empowers girls to confidently imagine, create, lead and achieve. GirlsTech strengthens girls' skills in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math to be the creators, not just the consumers of technology.

The GirlsTech Series includes GirlsTech Voices, GirlsTech Code, GirlsTech AI, GirlsTech Innovate, GirlsTech Lead, GirlsTech CEO and more.

Join Girls Take the Lead for the Women’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Do you have an amazing idea and need help from experts before you put everything on the line? Or, have you started a company, but don’t have the background or skills to get things moving further? Then this Bootcamp is for you!

Who should participate? This Inclusive Women’s Entrepreneurship Program is for entrepreneurs who have an idea or problem they want to solve. If you have that problem solving idea and could benefit from an extra push, this Bootcamp is for you. Participants should be 16 years or older. More

Mini Design Challenge Series

For at home learning.
A new challenge with themes in STEM, Entrepreneurship and Leadership while exploring topics in Innovation, Climate, Sustainability and Civic Engagement.

Anyone can participate. Join Us!

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