Have You Seen These Live Virtual Camps?

Make It With Code

Kids! Make a game, an animation, build your school or digital project with code. Learn to make it with code in a small group setting. Share your projects with friends.

When: July 20 – July 24 @ 1pm – 3pm

When: August 3 – August 7 @ 1pm – 3pm

Creative Coding with imagiCharm

Use creative coding in Python to customize your imagiCharm accessory. With our partner imagiLabs, express yourself with code to display designs, animations or secret messages to friends! Use the visual app to continue learning to create, get inspired and collaborate. Participants receive their own imagiCharm to code. The cost of the imagiCharm is included, a $78 value. Perfect back to school backpack accessory!

When: August 10 – August 14 – July 24 @ 1pm – 3pm


Let’s make video for youtube, Tik Tok or Instagram. Do you want to make a How To Video or Explainer video? How about a Vlog or PSA? Collaborate, work in teams to share your voice with video.

When: August 3 – August 7 @ 11am – 1pm

Virtual STEM & Science Fair

Hey aspiring scientists and innovators! Introducing our Virtual Science and STEM Fair! Each day kids will participate in fun, engaging, STEM based activities and experiments that investigate a variety of STEM topics using household items.

Kids identify their science and STEM Fair project and are coached to complete the project and develop a short video or photo series for the virtual fair.

While kids take the lead as the project team captains, families are encouraged to work together and have fun!

When: August 17 – August 21 @ 1pm – 3pm

Summer StartUp Bootcamp

Entrepreneurship is for…innovators, inventors, dreamers, doers, leaders, makers…you.

In the Summer StartUp Bootcamp our goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. In this experiential program girls are challenged to creatively apply technology and business concepts to unlock potential opportunity.

Are you a Social Entrepreneur? Is Tech your thing? How about an online store for fashion, jewelry or products you source or create? Do you have a great idea for an app? How will you take the lead?

In the spirit of innovation girls will set goals, develop their big idea, explore rapid prototyping, spread the word and develop their pitch and presentation for the digital Showcase.

When: August 17 – August 21 @ 12pm – 2pm

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