Graphic Novel Comic Strip Challenge

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Graphic Novel Comic Strip Challenge

Bring Stories to Life with a Graphic Novel or Comic Strip

We are launching an exciting series of activities in our Mini Design Challenges. All of the challenges will have a digital component and the alternative to complete the Mini Design Challenge off line. All of the digital tools will be free of charge.

So what are we planning? The Mini Design Challenges will have a common thread of Digital Storytelling.

Let’s get started! First up is to create a digital comic strip or graphic novel.

What's the difference?

So what’s the difference between a graphic novel and a comic strip? We wondered too. It’s all in the name, kind of.

A graphic novel is a novel that tells a complete story with illustrations. A graphic novel is longer and more substantial than a comic book. 

A comic strip is more like an excerpt and part of a series from a larger story.

How are they similar?

Both comics and graphic novels use extensive illustrations or graphics. Both are stories with complex characters, backstories and inner conflict. As you can see from the lists below both can be made into movies. 

Graphic Novel Design Challenge
design challenge graphic novel
design challenge graphic novel

A Few Graphic Novels
Black Panther
Paper Girls
New Kid

A Few Comics
Wonder Woman
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Sandman

Let's Get Started!

What great tools are available? For a digital tool we love drag and drop design tools. Canva includes templates to explore themes, style and layout. You can include illustrations or upload your own. Of course speech bubbles. You can even collaborate with friends.

Paper, markers and a fun idea is all you need to start. has storyboard templates, or you can draw one yourself.

Ready to post? You can print and post to social. Include a copy to us and we will post on social channels as well. 

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