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Sustainable Fashion
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Sustainable Fashion Global Innovation Challenge

The Sustainable Fashion Global Innovation Challenge tasks young leaders to propose an innovative solution that supports and encourages Sustainable Fashion.

The Sustainable Fashion Global Innovation Challenge is an Open Challenge. Teams can include mixed ages, moms and daughters, schools, clubs, friends.

What do we mean by Sustainable Fashion? Sustainable Fashion is eco-fashion, ethical fashion, fair trade fashion and green fashion. Sustainable Fashion is responsible fashion for all parts of the fashion lifecycle including you and me.

Women accomplish amazing things when we work together!

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Social media and instagram runways drive a market for Fast Fashion inexpensive clothes, made cheaply that move quickly from the runway or red carpet to the store. The demand for cheap clothing has led to what has been coined Fast Fashion and it’s killing our planet. The fashion industry is responsible for for 22% of the global wastewater and 1.2 billion tons on CO2 equivalent per year. The fashion industry produces more carbon emissions than the aviation and shipping industries combined.

As the leaders of tomorrow, submit your solution to the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Challenge to make a real world impact on the global problem today.

To Get Started

You and your team should review the product life cycle for the fashion industry. Identify one or more steps that you think could be improved to minimize the impact of the fashion industry and propose your novel idea for making a difference. Your ideas can range from ways to change consumer behavior to reducing inefficiencies in the product lifecycle to reimagining how people interact with fashion to how our fashion is packaged and the materials and wearable tech used in fashion design.

Submission Scoring

Submissions will be scored based on 3 criteria: Impact or “How does the idea reduce the impact on fashion”, Novelty or “Is the idea new and innovative” and Feasibility or “Could the idea be implemented in the next 1 to 2 years”.

Let’s ideate, collaborate and innovate with our ideas in Sustainable Fashion. We want to hear from you!

re/make Our World

Re/make is a nonprofit igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good.

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