Social Distancing Challenge

Mini Design Challenge

COVID19 Social Distancing

Show Us Your Idea to Demonstrate Social Distancing in a FUN Way in a Video, Game or App

We acknowledge that COVID 19 precautions can be scary and uncertain. To give kids a creative outlet for expression we present this STEM/STEAM Design Challenge to demonstrate Social Distancing in a FUN way. This can be a short video, a physical or digital game, AR Augmented Reality, VR Virtual Reality or an App.

Top submissions will be featured on and our partner social channels.

What is Social Distancing?

For this Mini Design Challenge Social Distancing is maintaining a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters between people in a social or public gathering.

Why Design Thinking?
Big Picture Problem Solving

Design Thinking is an educational approach centered on creative problem solving. It gives kids the confidence to figure out new ways to solve problems.

The Rules

Have Fun

Be Creative

Use Technology to Share Your Idea

Attach a file from Your Game, App, AR Project, VR Project, YouTube or TikTok

Submit Your Idea in the Form Below By March 22

Include Attachment or URL Link in Form Below

Register and Include File or URL to Participate

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