Why Teach Kids AI & Machine Learning

AI Machine Learning Courses

Give kids the tools to be creators not just consumers of technology

The age of artificial intelligence or AI has arrived, changing the world around us in exciting and unpredictable ways. We are all getting accustomed to AI and increasingly dependent on it. AI brings new career opportunities and influences both our interaction with the world and our understanding of it. AI also brings with it ethical and cultural implications.

Despite living in an AI powered world, most kids (and adults) don’t understand what AI is, how it works and what it is capable of.

Teaching AI to our children will provide them an early insight into its promises and perils. Learning about AI will make them confident in their ability to understand and control this incredible technology.

There are several reasons to teach children about AI. Here are our top three:

  • The economic argument: Studies have shown that exposing kids to technical concepts stimulates problem solving and critical thinking skills. It can prime them to learn computational skills more quickly and prepare them for future STEM learning and careers.
  • The societal argument: Middle school years are critical to a student’s identity and development. Teaching kids, especially girls about technology makes them more likely to study STEM fields later or have a career in technology. Teaching AI and technology skills early will help to diversify the AI and broader tech industry. Learning about the ethics and social impacts of technologies like AI can help kids grow to be more conscious tech creators, developers, and more informed citizens.
  • The vulnerability argument: Young people are more impressionable, so the ethical risks that come with tracking people’s behavior and using it to design more addictive experiences are heightened for them. Empowering kids through education to not be passive consumers, provides the tools to protect their privacy and digital identity.

Teaching AI and Machine Learning gives kids the tools to be the creators not just the consumers of technology.

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Why Teach Kids AI & Machine Learning
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