Why STEM Innovation Entrepreneurship?

At Girls Take the Lead our mission is to challenge the leaders of tomorrow to apply STEM + Entrepreneurial thinking to develop innovative solutions to real world problems. Girls Take the Lead incorporates people centered innovation challenges and experiential learning to prepare girls to thrive in a globally connected world.

We believe that Global problems have local solutions!

The future comes faster than ever with innovations, real world problems and the opportunity to solve them. The future calls for Action! We want to do more than Inspire future innovators. We need to Prepare the Innovators of the Future!

Technology is changing today’s jobs and creating new ones we never imagined. The demand for a dynamically relevant education has never been more important. Traditional education is challenged to evolve into a progressive, challenging and engaging learning experience.

Our goal is to empower girls to believe they have the ability to make change!

Let’s connect the dots from STEM to Innovation to Entrepreneurship and develop confident female Leaders in STEM related careers.

Join our Mentor Network or lead an Innovation Challenge Team!

Why STEM Innovation Entrepreneurship?
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